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I purchased/signed up for the GroovePages and More Lifetime package. However I cannot sign into my account with the email that I purchased with... the login link I then use the Forgot Password link on the login page to reset a new password, however the emails are not getting sent to the email address that i signed up with. So i tried to signup again with the email that I purchased with and the form states that the email is already taken... well obviously, it's my email that I initially signed up with. I then contacted support and they don't respond to my emails (like 8 days later still no response). I send my requests to however they do not respond. Just today I got a auto response acknowledgement of a support ticket that I sent 8 days previously... wow at least that's something. I able to log into my Strategic Profits subscription which is something good... however in the emails from Matt Rizvi or Rich Schefren they provide contact details as the following... Contact Groove Digital regarding your billing info, cancellations, or updating your subscription at or However clicking on the link takes you to a page that states the following... ..."Want to change or update your billing information for Steal Our Winners: Groove Edition? Please enter your email below to confirm your identity and we’ll send you a link to access the billing portal". OK, i submitted my email address and the next page states... ... "Check Your Email Check your email for instructions on how to login. If you don’t see a message within 15 minutes, and double checked your spam folder, please email Well I don't receive any emails from them after i submitted my email address. As you can see it states... ... "If you don’t see a message within 15 minutes, and double checked your spam folder, please email ". Well I try to contact but as I previously mentioned they don't respond. So my question is... WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!!! I've been ripped off hundreds and hundreds of dollars... seems like Groovefunnels and Groove Digital is a scam people.
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