Lets face it - capturing the lead is THE most critical aspect of the entire Groove Funnels process. But to capture a lead you need to design a good page. After Investing 40+ hours getting content and aesthetics just right, over-coming small bugs and inconveniences along the way, I add a lead capture Form to the page at the end and and it destroys the formatting, and therefore the output of more than 40 hours of invested time - rendering my project inexecutable! GET REAL - This must be fixed as a highest priority!! How can I run a funnel when the form ruins the site! This was also mentioned in two other posts here https://feedback.grooveapps.com/groovepages-bugs/p/integration-of-form-break-the-form-formatting. and here https://feedback.grooveapps.com/groovepages-bugs/p/bug-in-embed-html-groovemail-form