I'm trying to sign up be an affiliate for one of my buddy's products in Groove Funnels.
When someone has an existing Groove account, like for Groove Funnels, the affiliate sign up doesn't seem to work.
On the sign up page, there's a link that says "Already Have An Account With Groovesell? Login Here"
When you click that link and log in, it simply takes you to the normal Groove homepage you usually see when you login, and you're still not signed up as an affiliate. You don't see the affiliate program in the "Promos" section.
When I try to fill the form out with my existing Groove Funnels info (rather than trying to use the login link), it says username is already taken. When I try to use my email as the username, it says it only accepts alphanumeric entries. I've tried different browsers, incognito, clearing cache, different computers. Nothing lets me sign up.